We offer New Zealand’s only national residential DBT programme for people usually diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and related challenges.

DSC07790All DHB and ACC clinicians can make referrals. We are planning to enable direct referral from people interested in our programme in 2018.

Please note we cannot offer clinical or diagnostic advice to people interested in our programme.

If you are a DHB or ACC Clinician and would like to discuss how to make a referral for a person you are supporting, please contact us here.


Our name

Te Whare Mahana means ‘The Warm House’ in Maori.

Who was Ann Castle?

Castle Place is named after Ann Castle (1926-1999), a founder member of the Te Whare Mahana Trust and Chairperson of its advisory Board for five years. Originally a nurse, then a teacher, she moved to Golden Bay in 1980 and became well respected for involvement in social and health issues, strongly supporting many causes as a GB Community Board member.