Volker Mueller – Therapist

I was born in Germany and Golden Bay has been my home since 1988. I am a counsellor specialising in DBT therapy. I am committed to working within the evidence based framework of DBT. My work at Te Whare Mahana includes individual therapy, skills training and facilitating groups and I have been working here at Te Whare Mahana since 1998. My passion and commitment is to find the “nugget of gold” and work with my clients to create “a life worth living” which ensures that my work at Te Whare Mahana is rewarding and fulfilling.

Michael Vickers – Primary Therapist

I believe all people deserve and are capable of creating a life worth living. I have counselling and social work qualifications and joined team Te Whare Mahana in 2015. I bring a wealth of life experience to my various roles within Te Whare Mahana which range from DBT coach to DBT primary therapist intern. I am currently undertaking DBT foundational training with Behavioural Tech U.S.A. I am lead facilitator of Te Whare Mahana’s Mindfulness module where I teach clients strategies to increase the capacity of paying attention, non-judgementally, to the present moment. I actively participate in Te Whare Mahana’s weekly DBT team consultations. I am into the awesome outdoors, cooking and eating with friends, and I love music.

Morag Dean - DBT Lead Coach

I trained as an Occupational Therapist in my early 20s, however, since then I have worked in a range of jobs including OT, dressmaking, gardening, building and raising a son with cerebral palsy who is now a young adult. I graduated with a Visual Arts qualification in 2001 and spent the next few years working as a picture framer and exhibiting my mixed media/textile artwork. I began working for Te Whare Mahana in 2005 and for most of the following 8 years my role was Vocational Coordinator for the Employment Service. Then in early 20I4 I joined the DBT team. I was drawn to the Residential DBT Service because I wanted to work in a close team; I was ready for the intensity of the work and over the years had seen the profound effect that DBT has had on the lives of those who were brave enough to commit to our residential programme. My role now is Lead Coach for the DBT residential programme. I love my job, it is very stimulating and it extends, stretches and challenges me. I get to be a real person at work, while at the same time being very mindful of the DBT skills and using every opportunity to teach these to our residents. It is very rewarding to be able to help people become more skilful in managing their emotions, relating to others, accepting themselves and ultimately having a life worth living.

Marty Marsh, Coach, Support Worker

I grew up in Mosgiel just outside Dunedin and my whanau are from the deep south. After decades in the corporate world I moved to Golden Bay in 2001, where I met my wife Charlotte. We live here with our two children, cat, dog and mother in law. I spent quite a bit of time guiding tourists over Farewell Spit and the Heaphy Track before finding an opportunity to be a Coach and Support Worker at Te Whare Mahana. I really enjoy this work and love helping others with DBT Coaching and Support. In the future I want to learn even more DBT skills so that I can help more people and become and even more effective team member.

Lesley Bray - Coach, Support Worker

I have been working on the TWM team since 2002. During this time I have had the opportunity to help so many people reach their full potential. I have meet many inspirational and courageous people over the years, which teaches me that with this DBT model amazing changes can be made. My roles include Senior Coach (overnight support worker), Household Manager and part of the TWM clinical team. I have completed the DBT Intensive Training and this has given me a solid base to work from. I am blessed to be able to work in this supportive environment with like-minded colleagues, all with the shared passion of helping our clients to achieve a life worth living. My goals for the future continue to be assisting our residents with their physical wellbeing. This comes from a firm belief that exercise and healthy eating combined with the DBT skills form the path to wellness.

Ginny Stocker

I have been a support worker/ coach at Te Whare Mahana’s Intensive Treatment Centre since 2008. My interest in working in mental health stemmed from an experience of mental un-wellness in my family. I find the work challenging and enriching; the challenge is in acquiring a strong knowledge of DBT and applying it usefully, the enrichment comes from getting to know the wonderful array of characterful people who come to TWM to begin the process of transforming their lives. I feel immensely proud to be part of the team that does such wonderful work in providing a beacon of hope for individuals and families who daily struggle with the unbearable burden of their diagnoses.

Sabina Wick, Care Coordinator

I hold a degree as Social Pedagogue from a German university and am registered in NZ; I have a post grad. Certificate in Professional Supervision. I emigrated to NZ in 1994 and am a positive, curious, fun loving, creative and open minded person with a passion for learning and growth. Over the last 20 years I have been a parent as well as working in a varied field of professions and teams. I am committed to ongoing education, and over many years, I have been attracted to different ways of working with people including Psychodrama, Re-evaluation Counselling, Motivational Interviewing and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. I have a keen interest in cultural learning and Te Reo Māori, and value individual and cultural uniqueness and diversity. I have worked for Te Whare Mahana for three years as the team leader of the Employment and Vocational Service and am now employed as Registered Social Worker for the DBT Team.